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Ladies of DragonCon 2010 Part 2   1 comment

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Where would we be without them, I ask myself? Without lovely ladies who know a minus 2 THAC0 when they see one, and can outline the multiple powers of the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd while stripping to nearly nothing for the team. BOOM!

well done.

Just look at those.

ooooh, chase me.......

ooooh, chase me.......

oi, you. Behave.

oi, you. Behave.

Smouldering. Nice ass too, BTW.

Smouldering. Nice ass too, BTW.

The right attitude.

The right attitude.

We’re going to have one more ladies of DragonCon post and then a post on Repeat Offenders – those who I snapped this year and in 2009.

It’s because you love it, you bunch of weirdos…..

Written by Joe Bones on September 13th, 2010

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Is DragonCon just for geeks?   no comments

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Errrr…. yes. Categorically.

I attended Dragon*Con again, having sworn I never would. In my own  geeky way, I had hopes of recapturing my number one position on The Google for “Ladies of DragonCon”. My experience was pretty much the same as last year. It’s like every hero and heroine of literature and film has stopped going to the gym, taken up donuts, and come to Atlanta.

It was actually pretty entertaining, providing you stayed well lubricated throughout (Peachtree Ale and Jaegermeister). There were some VERY naughty little minxes  wandering around dressed in pelts and the like, flaunting bodies that screamed defiance of the gym/donut rule. We shall be discussing them in another post shortly. In some detail.

And there were about a million of those white guys from Star Wars. Jedi’s or whatnot.

CIMG0013 (2)

I arranged that picture. Brilliant, non? As a taster, there were lots of ladies dressed similar to this:


I didn’t get it, but it cheered me up. Watch this space for more ladies of DragonCon.

Nanu nanu, Earthlets.

The Ladies of Dragon*Con: Part 1   4 comments

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As I said in my previous post, the ladies of Dragon*Con made up, in some ways for the men. Many were dressed scantily. Some were passable. Some, as you would imagine, were not. We’re not going to think about this latter group. We are going to concentrate only on the ones who looked good in costume. Or had enormous racks. Here they are in the first of two posts. Don’t judge me:


Well done you!


Very nicely turned out.


Enormous, huge sword......


Conventionally beautiful. The Joe Bones "type"

I’ll post some more over the weekend. I know some of you are getting bored with the Dragon*Con vibe. Me too, to be honest.

Not long now……..

Written by Joe Bones on September 11th, 2009

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