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Losing my mirth….   no comments

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A number of profoundly boring things have occurred lately. A sentry droid at Bones HQ ran amok and destroyed two of my best orchids. On top of that, I crashed my jet pack into the river on the way to work this morning (that’s why the Ortega Bridge was closed). Now it’s soggy and favors the left. I have to keep correcting it midflight which is giving me wrist ache. On top of this, my dog’s lower lip has begun to lose its pigmentation, which is giving me sleepless nights.

Basically, this has caused me to lament the human condition.

Lament it.


Nobody could put it better than the Swan of Avon and nobody could put the bard into a more relevant context the Messrs. Robinson and Grant:

I am going to self-medicate myself with a lager poultice, a pale ale enema and 2 quarts of stout, orally administered. Then I am going to secure a bottle of 18 year old malt, rub a  quarter of it on my chest and drink the rest.

I’ll be right as rain by morning.

Written by Joe Bones on September 15th, 2010

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Suspected explosive device found in Ortega River…….   2 comments

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Those old guys who man the drawbridge into Ortega have spotted something in the water. They’ve closed off Grand Avenue Bridge and the Bomb Squad are at the scene.

It’s either a Naval Mine or the Loch Ness Monster. My money is on the latter……….





Written by Joe Bones on July 14th, 2009

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Just another Ortega sunrise…..   no comments

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I transited from Bones’ Hideout to Bones’ HQ by experimental jetpack this morning. The sunrise was stunning and I was in such a good mood at the prospect of an awesome weekend, I touched down briefly to capture it, digitally.

I'm fine with that

I'm fine with that

Facing the other direction, I took a snap of Spectator, the steel-hulled, junk-rigged sailboat that I have long admired, at anchor in the Ortega River.

Again, not a problem

Again, not a problem

A great weekend is in prospect. It starts this afternoon with the filming of Deadliest Catch (Jacksonville) Part 2 (it turns out the rubber gloves were essential equipment, without which the mission would have failed).

And remember, the Boat Show starts today, too.

Written by Joe Bones on April 17th, 2009

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