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Perhaps we could reanimate Alexander McQueen?   no comments

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Since he offed himself, Lady Gaga’s outfits have gone from the sublime to the ridick! Seriously, this is her at the airport. I was thinking “at least wearing next-to-nothing will speed her through security” then I noticed her stupid shoes. And. Her. Fucking. Handcuffs.

Lady Gaga

Can it be a coincidence that “Lady Gaga’s” real name is Stefani Germanotta. Which: a) is itself an obviously made up name; and b) has the word German in it (look carefully).

And we all know what we think of them.

After what they did…….

Written by Joe Bones on September 15th, 2010

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Never being boring……..   no comments

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I was browsing the fabulous Jacksonville Confidential recently (though not of Jacksonville’s gay community myself, I am supportive of it). I came across a clip of the Pet Shop Boys at the Brit Awards that I had missed in the mainstream media. It was a medley (GREAT word) of their songs and it reminded me of how unbelievably brilliant these two are.

I love their vibe.

There’s a Orwell/Burgess thing going on that makes you expect the songs to be sung in Nadsat or Newspeak. Also, I am REALLY digging the bowler hat and the marching Koreans. This is basically the best thing to happen to youtube since 2 Girls 1 Cup was removed:

The performance also features Lady Gaga and Brandon Flowers (both of which, I strongly suspect, are made-up names).

Written by Joe Bones on February 24th, 2009

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