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Mark Zuckerberg needs a slap……   no comments

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That seems to be the prevailing opinion. The Facebook founder and owner has been pretty much reviled in the press. I think it is the usual type of jealous abuse – you know, him being a geek and the youngest billionaire on the planet and all. I have tried to form an objective view of him and there are good grounds to believe he is probably a bit of an asshole, but his story…. his story….

I read a book once called Masters of Doom. It was about the guys who invented the computer game Doom and the weird shenanigans that these geeks get up to the whole time. I have no idea what Doom is or why it was so important*, but the book was UTTERLY fascinating. I think Zuckerberg’s story is likely to have a similar appeal. Anyhow, we’re about to find out, the biopic The Social Network is on its way. Strapline: You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies. See what they did there?

I have to say, using Radiohead’s Creep was inspired. It works on many different levels. Of course, it’s not as good as the superlative version, live by Chrissie Hynde, but it works. It really does. Even though they left the work “fucking” out.

Talking of social networks, you can follow Joe Bones on Facebook and Twitter. Do it. We run competitions (bikini, mainly) and shit like that.

(*I have only played one computer game in my life – Modern Warfare 2. I am SKILL at it. Seriously. On free-for-all I can pwn your ass no problem. WITHOUT claymore mines).

Demi Moore’s ass on Twitter……..   3 comments

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Okay. You know how everyone is going on about Twitter and how awesome it is, yeah? I mean, literally, EVERYONE is shooting their mouths off about how awesome it is to receive a “twat” from your buddies and how funny some celebrities are (Christopher Walken is often cited, at this point. And he is VERY funny).

With this level of interest it takes balls of fury to post a picture of your wife’s ass in a bikini on Twitter. Particularly if you are Ashton Kutcher and your wife is Demi Moore:

The posterior of Mrs. Kutcher

The posterior of Mrs. Kutcher

The point of this is to A. Showcase Demi Moore’s ass, and B. To draw attention to rivercityvibe on Twitter. We are there. I usually “twat” every time I post, BUT (and this is the magic part) I also have Twitter-only content for loyal readers, including more pictures of Babyann Hernandez. How awesome is that?

Join the party, everyone. It’s on Twitter (as well as in my pants).

Oh, we’re on Facebook. too.

Written by Joe Bones on March 23rd, 2009

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