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Losing my mirth….   no comments

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A number of profoundly boring things have occurred lately. A sentry droid at Bones HQ ran amok and destroyed two of my best orchids. On top of that, I crashed my jet pack into the river on the way to work this morning (that’s why the Ortega Bridge was closed). Now it’s soggy and favors the left. I have to keep correcting it midflight which is giving me wrist ache. On top of this, my dog’s lower lip has begun to lose its pigmentation, which is giving me sleepless nights.

Basically, this has caused me to lament the human condition.

Lament it.


Nobody could put it better than the Swan of Avon and nobody could put the bard into a more relevant context the Messrs. Robinson and Grant:

I am going to self-medicate myself with a lager poultice, a pale ale enema and 2 quarts of stout, orally administered. Then I am going to secure a bottle of 18 year old malt, rub a  quarter of it on my chest and drink the rest.

I’ll be right as rain by morning.

Written by Joe Bones on September 15th, 2010

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Johnny Depp has style……..   1 comment

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I am participating in Jacksonville’s version of Deadliest Catch, this afternoon. At 2 pm, I will be throwing myself into a barely seaworthy vessel to plant crabtraps in the Saint Johns River in anticipation of an abundant crabfest, come Friday. I will be chronicling the highs and lows for this website.

(I just got a text message asking me to bring two pairs of rubber gloves. That can’t be good.)

Anyway, speaking of boats, you’ve got to take your hat off to Johnny Depp. Not only is he nailing the life partner of Vanessa Paradis, living out an idyllic existence with his family in the South of France, but he also owns this:

depp's boat

It’s the kind of good-taste classic design rarely seen these days. It is the Vajoliroja, and though home ported in the Mediterranean, it is often seen down the road in Fort Lauderdale. Currently it’s in Puerto Rico, where Depp is filming The Rum Diary (we will talk much of this movie in coming months. It stars Johnny Depp, it was written by Hunter Thompson and it is directed by Bruce Robinson. Chances of it being crap? Less than zero).

The boat boasts twin 358kW CAT 3406C diesel engines, has a range of 3,000 nm and a cruising speed of 12 kts. Crew of seven, capacity for 11 guests.