Stallone Illustrates Bones’ Rule # 1……  

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I know you know about Bones’ Rule #3, which states that “Everyone is outraged about everything, all the time”, but you may be less familiar with the Big One: Bones’ Rule # 1.

Bones’ Rule # 1 is “Fact is always funnier than fiction. Always.” As I have noted before, if you have an eye for the ridiculous, you can spend a life in state of mirth (which is similar to a state of grace, but with more chance of accidental urine discharge…….). This is how I spend my life folks. I can recommend it.

The latest thing I have found that plays to this is this picture of Sylvester Stallone showing his young daughters the antiquities of Rome.


I mean, it is him, right….?

What are the chances that the Romans had their own version of Sly, wandering around Pompeii, perhaps, dangerously eyeing the volcano…. “if tha’ volcano goes up, I’ll give it a war you won’t believe……..”

Written by Joe Bones on April 2nd, 2009

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